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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Angels Home? Where is it located?

Angels Home is located in Mahmutlar, Alanya, 26 km from Gazipasa airport and 142km from Antalya Airport . Just only 500m from the center of Mahmutlar and 350m from the sea, the complex is also adjoins to the ancient architectural monument of the Roman period Naula. Also, for Your comfort, nearby You can find a large number of stores, banks, restaurants, cafes, a taxi rank and bus - everything to make Your stay more pleasurable and comfortable.

If I was thinking about buying an apartment in Angels Home, how can I come and see it?

If You decide to come and see our project, we invite You to three days to be our guests. You just tell us the day and time, and our service will pick You up from the airport, Antalya or Gazipasa airport. You will be able to consider more information and details about location of our complex and the quality of construction, ask all Your questions. In addition, after a visit Angels Home, we suggest You to get to know the beauty and historic center of Alanya, so You can see all the wonderful places and love it as well as we love. If after this three inspection days You decide to join happy owners of apartments in Alanya and to buy property in Angels Home we will pay your accommodation and the cost of air tickets. If You don’t decide to buy, accommodation costs will not be charged and the cost of the flight will not be refunded.

When I purchase an apartment in the Angels Home where and how can I find white goods and furniture f

You can buy everything you need for yourself or, if You wish, take advantage of our help. We will find for You the most suitable white goods and furniture at a more affordable price in the store under contract with us.

Where can I find an interior designer for purchased at the Angels Home?

If You wish our company Omim Architecture can provide You designer-decorator for Your apartment will be furnished according to your preferences.

Is it possible to buy an apartment in the Angels Home "turnkey"?

Yes, of course. You can also purchase a fully furnished and equipped apartment "turnkey" by design of our experts at an affordable price.

How much do I have to pay in the month for the service?

The cost of care in complex Angels Home in month (aydat) is provided at a rate of 35 Euros.

What is included in the service of the complex?

Salary gatekeeper, security, service of steam room, hamam, sauna, swimming pool, elevator, cleaning the porch, stairs and the local area, landscaping, the cost of electricity and water in public places.

What costs will I have after registration apartment property? How much will technical passport (ISKA

After buying an apartment you need to issue the technical passport (ISKAN) and get a subscriber number for water and electricity, for a total it costs about 770 Euros.

How much will it cost to use water and electricity?

1 kW of electricity is about 0.15 TL, 1 m3 of water – 1.56 TL (these prices can be changed by administration of the city Alanya). For example: a three person’s family pays for electricity 30 Euro, for water 10 in a month in the summer.

How can owners pay the expenses for electricity and water in the absence?

Of course, our company Omim Architecture care and look after Your apartment for it is not disconnected from the electricity and water supply. But for your peace of mind and confidence during your absence, we advise you to open an account in any bank, put on it a certain amount and payment for municipal services will be charged automatically each month.

Is there a minimum payment for electricity and water in the absence of owners of the apartment?

Yes, during Your absence, despite the fact that you don’t use water and electricity, for foreign citizens and for citizens of Turkey there is monthly minimum payment.

Is it possible to rent apartment, bought in the Angels home, when I am absent?

In the months that you don’t live in the apartment, you can earn money on it. Our company Omim Architecture will rent Your apartment and will care about it cleanliness and timely payment of rent. You can also find clients and take an apartment for yourself.

Is it possible to insure the property at the Angels Home?

You can insure your purchased property from earthquakes (DASK) 20 Euros, or make a general insurance which includes insurance against fire, flood, theft, etc. - 100 Euros

Citizens of what countries have the right to buy property in Turkey?

Citizens of 183 countries and from 2013 including Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan have the right to buy property in Turkey.

How many days I need for register certificate of ownership (Tapu) when I buy apartment in the Angels

You will get Tapu to the next day after the application for registration of ownership.

What documents do I need for registration of ownership?

You will need a foreign passport and tax number which can be obtained from the tax office in 10 minutes.

Property, which You bought in Turkey, unlike many other countries, you can bequeath to the right of

Property, which You bought in Turkey, unlike many other countries, you can bequeath to the right of inheritance or bequest. In addition, under current Turkish law, the ownership of property is not limited by time.

Is it possible to register a property in a few persons or their children?

You may register property for a few people, after the age of 18.

hich costs I will have for registration apartment in the Angels Home?

Approximately cost of Tapu will be in the range 950-1000 Euros. Also You will pay 4% tax from Your property, specified in Tapu. In addition costs of registration include obligatory insurance of property by the earthquake.

What other procedures I need to do after getting Tapu?

After getting Tapu on Your hands You need to notify the administration of the Alanya city on the purchase the property. Additional charges won’t be charged for it.

What annual tax is on the purchase of my property?

Annual tax on non-commercial property is 0.2% from the Tapu, a commercial - 0.4%

Can I transfer or sell the property, which I bought in the Angels Home?

You can transfer or sell Your property at any time within 2-3 days.

If I can’t come to receive the Tapu can I entrust it to another person?

Yes, if you don’t have the opportunity to come to receive the Tapu, Your agent can get Tapu on the basis of power of attorney executed by a notary in Turkey or certified in the Turkish Consulate.

Upon receipt of the Tapu can I expect on competent translation for my rights as a foreign citizen?

During the procedure of obtaining Tapu You will be given a trusted translator in Your language, who will explain the procedure to You and all rights are passing You with the purchase of property in Turkey.

Is it possible to get credit from bank to purchase property in Turkey in the Angels Home?

When You buying property in the Angels Home You have the opportunity to take credit from bank. We work with Garanti Bank, Deniz Bank and Kuwait Turk Bank, and we will help You when You need to get a credit from 50 to 80% of the cost of the property.

hich is the maximum period that I can get credit from bank, what is the interest rate for payments?

When You applying for credit from bank, You can expect on the period up to the 10 years. Approximate interest rate in Euros is 9% per annum.